Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Work in progress + today's recap

Well, I'm still sick. Work is out of the question until Friday, per Dr.s orders. So I pottered around here all day. I spent much of my time working on this blog, mainly trying to upload some pictures on here so that I can show off my work. But I also managed to find a home in the bay window for the spinning wheel. I haven't done much else with it. It's a new skill I want to learn, and I'm not feeling at my best. I'm afraid if I start trying to spin when I feel so bad, I will make a mess of things and become frustrated with it, so I'm putting it off a day or two until, hopefully, my health is back on track.

In the meantime, I managed to pick up 179 stitches and make a border around the hood of the childs jumper I'm making for my oldest grandson today. I only like cleaning up the edges and then making it up. I would have gone ahead and made it up tonight, but instead I decided to get a start on my husbands vest so that I will have something to be knitting on, in case of emergency you know. Anyway, I included photos above. One is on the couch earlier today whilst knitting the hood edging, and the other is this evening on the guest bed, and the lighting is crap in the second shot, but you get the idea.

I do have a scarf I'm knitting for my neice, but it's 3/4 done and a super simple stitch, and I reckon I'll save it for times when knitting without thinking is required. A half hour to hour of steady knitting would see it finished anyway.

My hubby popped the "I would like a vest" on me as a surprise a few days ago, but in a way, it turned out well. As any good wool addict, I buy yarn and pattern books, sometimes on a whim and with no real plan for it's use. When he mentioned that he wanted the vest he said "but not dressy, no sleeves, and not tight at the neck, like a V neck" and I pulled out a Paton's Techo Fleece pattern book (bought on ebay about 5 months ago) and showed him a pattern and he said "Yes, that's it, but in a navy blue" so I went in the stash and pulled out 10 balls of navy blue Paton's Techno Fleece (also bought on ebay about 3 months ago for no other reason than I had the book and it's a discontinued yarn). I took his measurements and the amount it would take for him was...yep...you guessed it...10 balls. So I reckon it's meant to be. Plus, it served the purpose of showing him that buying ahead can, and does, pay off. I probably won't tell him anytime soon how big a coincidence that all was.

So, cheers for today. I'm going to upload the pictures of todays work and then go veggie on the couch and watch mindnumbing TV till I fall asleep. Hubby has a late meeting, and things are that quiet around here, so I'd better take advantage of it.

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