Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finished projects part 1 baby bits

The picture on the left is blankie, jumper and headband in Wendy's Velvet Flake and Sirdar Snuggly trim that I knit up for my first and only granddaughter who was born this past May, Kaitlyn Marie. The leaflet pattern used is actually for Sirdar's "Confetti", but the swap was a successful one. I had a couple of balls of this yarn left over however, as it's a lighter yarn than Confetti, but that made it just perfect to whip up this little jumper (right), minus the trim, for a girl I work with who was about to go on maternity leave. Thanks to modern science, we knew it would be a girl, so it was a perfect way to use my extras, and the mommy to be (now the mommy in fact) was thrilled with it. The pattern is copywrited, alas, or I would share it as well.
While knitting this little jewel at work, a coworker fell in love with the Velvet Flake. It is super yummy soft. She asked if she bought the wool if I would make her up a jumper, and I agreed. What knitting addict could refuse a free knit? I finished it recently, and I'll make a picture and post it on another page.

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