Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finished projects: Howdy pardner...

Here I am at the shooting club in my poncho. My other hobby is Western Action Shooting, which is essentially where a bunch of us dress up in late 1800's fashion gear and shoot an assigned sequence at various targets. Fun and dandy! Incidently, I WON the shotgun in the picture here at a big shoot last May called the "Winter Roundup".

But back to the poncho. I bought this collection of patterns at a garage sale a couple of years ago. This is the first and only thing I've made out of it. I'm not sure about copywrite here, so I'll err in the way of caution. But it's a very simple pattern, using 3 strands of yarn together. You switch the colors around, which is fun. For instance, you would knit a few rows using 3 strands color A, then you would knit a few more using 2 strands of A and one of B, then a few more using 2 of B and 1 of A, then 3 of B, then 2 of B and 1 of C and so forth.

Much fun knitting, and the triple strands make for one super warm, almost waterproof, poncho. I used Cleckheaton Country 100% wool for the project.

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