Sunday, September 30, 2007

Special Birthday edition

Yesterday was my birthday. Never mind which one. Let's just say that most cars my age are "classics".
We went to my inlaws during the morning, where I got my presents, which were all pretty much spot on. My inlaws got me a 50 dollar gift certificate to any Coles/Myer store, which includes Kmart, Target, Officeworks, etc. That is indeed handy, and it's possible that I might get knitting stuff with it, although more likely I'm thinking I might get a new webcam. Even better, my inlaws also got me a $50 gift certificate to my favorite LYS, the Yarn Barn!!!! While I would have been perfectly happy to have the whole $100 at the Yarn Barn, I'm quite happy with the 2 separate ones. Besides, I'll probably wind up spending a hundred in there anyhow.

My husband, not to be outdone, got me a $100 gift certificate for Spotlight. I'll probably hold on to this one until after Xmas, or spend it on fabric and stuff for sewing, as my local Spotlights cut their yarn section drastically this time of year, and it stays that way until after the holidays. Oh, who knows. I can while away half a day in a Spotlight without even trying, and there's no telling what I'll wind up with.

Non knitting related gifts were: Beautiful flowers and some car seat covers and floor mats in a lovely "frangi pangi" pattern, yellow to match my car from my hubby, a lovely silver bracelet from my oldest son, and a whole box full of goodies from my mom too numerous to mention.

All in all a great day.

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