Monday, February 4, 2008

One Row Indulgent Scarf (aka. Mom's Birthday Scarf)

For Mom's birthday scarf, I decided to go with the "one row scarf". Ok, I didn't exactly decide to. I put the choices up on here, and she decided for me. I had already decided that whatever I did for her, it would be with the Fiesta "La Boheme", mainly because the yarn itself makes for an expensive present, and birthdays should set you back some cash :) However, in hindsight I wouldn't recommend the La Boheme to anyone, unless your just the type who likes to brag about how much money something costs. Then, by all means, go for it, cause at $45 a ball, it certainly gives you bragging rights. (The catch is, of course, there's always the chance that you will simply impress them as stupid for spending that much on one skein of yarn.) It's also miserable stuff to work with. Just winding it into a ball is a major drama. Knitting with it is a constant excercise in keeping the colorways on the two strands together. The mohair strand is a bit stretchable, so for small discrepancies you can stretch the mohair tighter. If worse comes to worse you can break the yarn, straighten it out, and then start again, or cheat and wrap the longer band around twice on a stitch and then pick both wraps up in the next row (tricky...don't drop it).

I've been hard at work on finishing the "Plain ole Cotton Top", so I haven't had too much time to devote to it, but still, with the "yarn harlot's" One Row pattern (link in previous post), it's still moving along fairly quickly, which, in these circumstances, is a good thing. I love the pattern, although it is a seriously mind numbing repetition of four stitches and the kbl stitch is not always easy due to La Boheme's having two strands. Still, it's easy to remember and the stiches become automatic fairly quickly. I will definately use it again down the track on some homespun, as it was intended.

So, for mom's benefit, as she's much too impatient to wait for the finished project, I'm posting this today so she can have a peek. Now that the cotton top is almost finished, it's pretty much the only portable project I have on the needles, and I have a feeling I'm going to have it finished in no time flat.

Time for me to start thinking seriously about what I'm going to do NEXT!

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