Friday, February 8, 2008

Making up is hard to do...

I have knit till I can knit no more on the Plain ole cotton top. Front, back, both sleeves, and, since taking this photo, I've knit the collar. I don't particularly like the collar, as knitting up stitches is not my strong suit, and there are a few "gappy" looking stitches in the curved sections, but I suppose it will look passable when I hem it under.

I had to sew together the shoulder seams before doing the collar. I did them with "fake grafting", which I had never done before. I'm thinking it would work very well on straight seams, but for the "stairstep" shaping of the shoulders of this top, it isn't perfect. Still, they look pretty nice. So far today, I have stitched up the side seams and tried it on. I couldn't have asked for a better fit, so on that score I'm well pleased.

Still to go, stitching up the sleeve seams and setting the sleeves in.

I also finished the knitting on mom's scarf this morning. I think I'll add tassles, and I'm also thinking of making her some little surprise with the rest of the La Boheme yarn...but I haven't quite figured out what yet. I put "Caliometry" in my queue on Ravelry this morning. That's my best option so far.

The knitting part of the alpaca jacket is all but over too. I still have to knit the belt, which I plan on doing tonight, but the actual jacket part is also waiting for me to put my hand to making it up. The pattern calls for me to use the mattress stitch on the seams. I've done exactly one sleeve so far.

Also in the finishing queue is the vest I'm making for Chris, where I still need to pick up the borders and then stitch it up, and the Crave jumper, which lacks a sleeve, needs closure. But the problem with this sleeve in the first place is that it is going to take a good deal of concentration, color changes and the like to get the second sleeve the match the first one.
So here's my dilemma, and it isn't a new one. I don't like knitting up or making up at work or when KIP. When I've tried this in the past, invariably I stitch things together either in the wrong spot, facing the wrong way, or using the wrong stitch. Knitters will know, it is massively difficult to try and undo what is done when making up without breaking or at the very least stretching, strands of yarn that the rest of the fabric is depending on to hold itself together. With knitting up, I need a flat surface and concentration to get the new stitches spread evenly.
So, do I do the right thing and finish all the unfinished projects lying around begging for a few crumbs of attention? Do I take them out with me and hope for the best? Or do I start on something new, knit on it when I'm away from home, and finish the unfinished at home?
The only problem with the latter idea is that I get soooo engrossed in a new project, and so despise the finishing process, that I tend to just keep right on knitting the new when I get home. Ahhh yes, I lack discipline. But there you go. The good news is that having these UFOs on Ravelry, my shame exposed to the public at large, gives me good incentive for actually wanting to finish them.
Tomorrow will be crunch time I reckon. The belt for the alpaca jacket will get me through tonight. A decision must be made.

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