Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Heaven Knows Who

A few months back, I was in between projects, and some cheapo acrylic yarn was on sale for a couple of bucks for 100g.s at Spotlight, so i bought a dozen balls and started a afghan for "heaven knows who". Occasionally I do those "heaven knows who" knits. I'll make a washcloth or a beanie, because I like it, not because I need it, and it will wind up going to "heaven knows who". Usually "heaven knows who" is a coworker or a friend, since most of my family require expensive postage to send things to them, and besides, I like to put my love into things I knit for them (yeah, you know what I mean). I don't usually do that when I'm doing a "heaven knows who" project.

When I started the afghan, my main objective was to have something easy to knit on, because the other project I was starting at the time was a bit fiddly. So I looked in my handy "Harmony Guide" and found the easiest stitch I could find that I hadn't done before, which was called the "drop garter stitch". Four rows knit, then wrap your yarn around the needle twice, drop the extra wrap on the next row, then repeat those 6 rows ad infinitum. It was working out well, and I was knitting right along, but then it started getting a bit big to tote around. Not huge mind you; I've toted around bigger, but just to the point where it was getting ungainly.

About that time, hubby and I were trolling the yard sales around MB alot. At one of these sales, we picked up a big black garbage bag full of baskets for a dollar. I wanted them because I like to give "gift baskets", but I'd rather pay more for the goodies inside than the basket they come in. One basket in particular I really liked. It had an interesting shape and it had a nice smooth surface that would look nice holding my knitting beside the couch.

So I put the afghan I was working on and a couple of balls of yarn in the basket. I liked the look of it. So I brought out a few more balls, did some arranging, and wah lah, a lovely knitting basket. Trouble was, now it looked better on display than most of my "nic-nacs". I moved it up onto the top of a plant stand and now it's a permanent part of the decor. I haven't worked a stitch on it since. I'm not sure it will ever get finished.

But for a "heaven knows who" project, that works out just fine.

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Anonymous said...

That IS definately a "unique" little "centerpiece". You could probably do a little more "sprucing it up" adding a few little "do-dads",and hey...a really neat little heirloom. Then when you get tired of looking at it, you can make your mom another little beanie out of the yarn!!
I love you! Your Mother