Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On a Mission from GOD

I'm finishing like a woman possessed.
I have finished the Plain ole Cotton Top, and I'm rather pleased with it. The hemming under to make the picot trim on the neckline did serve to make the ugly picked up stitches less noticeable, and the fit is superb. It's currently blocking on my dining room table.
I went on a shopping excursion this morning. My story was I was going to Spotlight because they had linen on sale and I really do need some "dust ruffles" for my bed. What I got was a boxed pleated valance for only 14.95, which is the perfect color and is definately a bargain, so the cover mission was successful. However, my ulterior motive was to "feel up" the new fall yarns at Spotlight. It's early yet, but there were 4 new Moda Vera yarns there, all of them quite nice, but I'm eyeballing a soybean/wool blend called "mousse" that is simply divine. I didn't buy any however. I'm being good. I'm in control. I'm on the wagon, at least for now.
I've established a "no new yarn" policy for myself at least until I get my unfinished items finished, and I reckon this may have a little bit to do with my vigerous interest in getting things made up. I finished the cotton top yesterday, and I finished mom's scarf (no, mom, absolutely no pictures...there needs to be SOME surprise to this) today after I got home from the shops. Layed out on my couch right now, ready for my fingers to get to work, is my Alpaca jacket. I'm even thinking I might even pick back up the Crave jumper and do the second sleeve on it to keep my knitting going while I'm out and about. I have extra yarn for it now, so really, matching the colors fairly well won't be as hard as it was when I was trying to do it with limited yarn. That's right. Nothing new! I've made a decision!
Walking down Rundall Mall to Spotlight, I happened to pass Borders bookstore. It occured to me that I had not established a "no knitting book" buying policy, so wouldn't it be the perfect time to add to my library? Surely it would! After all, I'm saving so much money NOT buying yarn. So, on my way back, after being a virtual ROCK of discipline in Spotlight, I stopped at the bookstore and bought not one but two new knitting books.
I bought "Knitting Rules" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot), which appears to be something of a survival guide for the knitting obsessed. It covers topics such as stash management and how to deal with non-knitters, plus oodles more. Can't wait to get between those covers.
The other book I bought was "The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook". I have never done a sock, much less two, and it seemed a good place to start. Plus, the Twisted Sisters also spin and dye, and it looks like it covers alot of dying groundwork in this book, which I suppose would be really tricky with socks, particularly self striping ones...but how would I know, I've never made one, much less dyed yarn for one.
Ok, lets face it, I've never even dyed yarn before. I keep forgetting to ask Mom to mail me some Kool-aid. Kool-aid is 3 to 4 bucks a pack (yes, a teenie tiny little pack) in this country (or at least, in this state) if you can find it. I reckon mom could mail me 20 packs for less than 20 bucks. Mom? Are you reading this? When you send my next package, don't use newspaper to stuff the box, use Kool-aid packets!!
Well, I'm off for 2 nights now! Let's see if I can get in gear and get some more of this making up done. That is, if I don't spend all my time reading....

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