Sunday, January 27, 2008

Terrie's Horf Pattern

Now that I know she has recieved it, I reckon I can now post the finished pictures for my cousin's hood scarf (aka Horf). I have posted progress on it, but decided to wait before printing the finished project since she knows where to find this blog and that would ruin what tiny little element of surprise there was left. By all accounts, she is happy with it, which is quite gratifying to say the least. It's always nice to have my work appreciated.

I wanted to have it finished and mailed before vacation, and I had finished everything but the mohair edging. The edging, however, required picking up about a million stitches, as I had decided to knit it on rather than crochet it. I'd never done this before, because in the days before I got my Denise interchangable needles, regular needles just weren't long enough to edge something as long as a scarf. With my Denise's, though, I could just join two of the longer cords together and have a massively long needle that did the work quite nicely. The colors of the mohair for the edging and the main body of the horf were practically identical, so it all blends in very nicely. A lucky break really, and all in all I'm happy with the outcome.
There's not really a pattern for this per-se. I sort of winged it.
I c/o 46 stitches with the Natural's Harmony 100% wool, worked in garter stitch (k every row) for what seemed like a decade until I got the length I wanted, then c/o. Ohh, and at either in I put in a couple of rows of garter drop stitches, which is knit one row but wrap your yarn twice around the needle, then knit the next row dropping one of the wraps, but that step certainly isn't necessary. It was done purely for a little extra decoration, and that is a nice stitch that looks the same upside down as right side up.
For the hood, I c/o 98 stitches, and again worked in garter stitch until it measured 11 inches, then I folded the cloth with the open stitches at the top of the fold and used the three needle bind off to join these at the top of the hood. (a video of this method can be found on this page:
Then I joined the hood to the middle of the scarf. This is really all it took to make a perfectly good horf. I threw on the extra edging, but if you don't possess interchangable needles, I would suggest you do this in the crochet edging of your choice.

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