Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gems from Binkaboo

I joined a Random Acts of Kindness group on Ravelry. I'm having soooo much fun. I've already got my first few things shipped off to others, but I recieved my first package yesterday, and I was SOOOOO excited.

I've always wanted some pretty stitch markers, and I had mentioned that in a post where you list things you would like. I've always either used an old piece of scrap yarn or cheap plastic circular ones. Well, a member by the nickname of binkaboo just happens to make lovely, lovely things, which you can see HERE!
She sent me these absolutely devine stitch markers!!!

I also recieved the addi turbo needles I was waiting for, and switched the socks off the cheapo needles and onto shear knitting heaven. Thank GOD for german engineering! Socks are progressing rather nicely, but I reckon I can go twice as fast with the new needles. It was seriously slow going, having to pick almost every stitch over the hump every time I changed working needles. I have a renewed ZEST for sock knitting! But...I've also got the new NORO, and I'm really starting to get the urge to knit the short row scarf with it.

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