Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dyed in the wool

I'm dead tired after working all night, but having just dumped the pictures off my camera, I couldn't wait to put them up on the blog. Don't expect any inspirational (or even coherent) writing in this entry.

The day that I dyed the wool, hubby decided, for no occasion whatsoever, to buy me some flowers. Awwwwwwwwww! A very pretty bouquet of "Easter type" flowers. I set them on the dining room table, as I always do.

The next day, I checked the wool. Nope, still wet at the curvy part of the bottom of the skein where all the water drained down to. I jostled the yarn around a bit, letting air get to the parts that it hadn't managed to get to before, and then left it be while I slept the afternoon away, and then worked the night away.

Day two, and the yarn is finally dry. Yaaaaahooooo! It looks awesome. True to the word of all the literature I read on the subject, the dry colors were not nearly as intense as they were when wet. Fair enough. The skein, by this time, had taken on it's final, more pastelly hues.

Hubby was home and willing, so it was time to make a ball! I took it up and carried it into the dining room, untied the strings holding the skein together and laid it on the table. Then I noticed something. It matched the flowers.

The color coordination was quite by accident, I assure you, but then I just had to get a picture! Okay, okay, I posed and reposed the yarn and flowers and took about a dozen pictures, but whose counting. I promise though, I won't post them all here.

Then it was time to have hubby hold the skein while I wound the ball. (See how happy he looks to be helping out!!) I was sure it was going to be (more or less) a tangled nightmare to wind. I had been careful in the dying process, mindful that the day would come when it would have to be wound. Still, in my wildest dreams I didn't think it would be completely tangle free, but so it was!

Then, of course, I had to take the ball and pose IT with the flowers.
So there you have it. My first dyeing experience, front to finish. Now, I'm going to bed before I drop.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! How Gorgeous! Breathtaking!
No, NOT the flowers or dyed yarn... Chris!! (What a sweet, mushy, thing for a Mother-In-Law to say). Ha Ha...

I am really amazed at how lovely the yarn is! I even bought 40 more pkgs. of "Generic" today while in KY. One of each color they had.

The flowers are very pretty! Looks really nice on your dining room table. I suggest you "whoop up" a quickie doiley type thingy to set the flowers on, from the matching dyed yarn!! This would give you a chance to "get the feel of the yarn, and have a keepsake forever!

Really enjoyed the pictures. How about handing Chris the camera once, and let us see a picture of the "Knit-Wit" in action ?

Love You, MOM