Thursday, November 22, 2007

Russian Blue Cat grey

A couple of months ago my cousin Terrie had a look at my blog here and then told me about a hood scarf that she had bought in the early 80's in NY and lost over the years. She described it as the color of a Russian Blue cat. I shouldn't have been surprised by her description. She's always loved animals, even as a child. I remember her dream vocation was to be a "vet" when we were kids. She didn't wind up being a vet, but she does raise exotic and not so exotic animals, and makes a fair living doing it. So everythng relates to animals with her.

I did get a few laughs trying to describe the color I was looking for to the girls in my LYS's. Being springtime down under, the shops were'nt brimming with grey wool, Russian Blue cat grey or otherwise. I wound up ordering the yarn in the swatch above from my LYS here in the bridge. It's Natural Harmony, a New Zealand wool, and the color was the closest thing I could find to the pictures of Russian Blue Cats I found on the internet, despite how it might appear in the photo. (For some reason, my pictures have been coming out with a pink tinge lately...cheapo camera) It has a fabulous texture, even though it's not the warmest option I could find. Still, apparently warmth doesn't matter, so long as it makes her look like a young Audrey Hepburn. Of course, I'm a knitter, not a magician. Still, ya never know...

Soooo, never mind the UFO's. I'm going to start this baby tonight, by hook or crook. I'm just going to borrow a few ideas and then design this myself, so I'll post the pattern later, assuming it turns out allright.

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