Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Denise Needles

I got these babies back around June. I was quite frustrated. I had this pattern that required 100cm long circulars. I could find 40's and 60's and 80's, but could not find a single pair of 100's in any needle size, much less the ones I needed, anywhere in South Australia. I searched all the LYS's that I know of, both country area and in Adelaide. On the one hand, this was fun, as I had a few browses thru uncharted territory, but it was also rather frustrating because I was not finding what I needed. I extended my search to the internet, and when I did, I ran across these babies, sold out of the US, called Denise Interchangeable needles. I went to their home website and had a read and was most impressed. They are simply remarkable. The needle heads snap on rather than screw on like some of the other interchangeable sets, which means they are less likely to come loose during knitting. I have done practically all of my knitting for the past 5 months on them, (a considerable amount, I assure you) and they haven't come loose once. They also have tons of tricks you can do with them, which I won't go into hear but you can read about at the website if you are interested . You WILL be amazed, particularly if you buy some. I wish I'd known about them as a beginning knitter. The entire set cost me $95AU (the pink set is $5 more than the blue and that extra goes to breast cancer research). I could have saved heaps of money and time chasing down the various sizes of needles, straight and circular. One flaw I would point out for those of us who live in "metric needle" countries is there are no 7mm or 7.5mm sizes in the set. Otherwise, you get all sizes from 3.75 to 10mm, in virtually any length for circular that you could imagine. Anyway, I tracked down the only dealer of them in South Australia from the "shops that carry denise" section of the website. She only had an online business, no shop, and she lived about as far from me as you can go in this state without going bush, but I'm not known for my patience when it comes to getting what I want, so, with the business owners kind permission, I set off one morning after work and drove out to her home and picked them up. Never mind it would have probably only taken a couple of days to mail them :)

Anyway, love em love em love em. It was hard to get a picture of them as they are generally constantly in use, but the other day I finished a peice of a project and realized I had them all free, so I decided to snap a few shots while I had the chance, so I could show them off and crow about them on here.

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