Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coconut Ice Blues

Almost a year ago, I did one of those impulse Ebay buys. It's called Wendy's Coconut Ice. I have no idea of how long it has been discontinued, but I'm guessing a few years as I can find practically nothing about it on the internet, least of all a pattern for it, and the ball bands are a bit aged. It's a funny "feeling" yarn too, soft but slick to the touch. You can really feel the slickness as your knitting. I knitted up a guage square months ago so that I could perhaps find a pattern to match the guage, which using 4.5mm needles got me 17 stiches to 26 rows, spot on what the ball band says it should be. (A phenomenon that doesn't seem to happen to me often).

Anyway, I got 10 50g balls of turquoise with white flecks and 3 balls of off white with a slight bluish tint to it. It's absolutely georgeous, but I haven't a clue what I'm going to do with it still. I'm open to any suggestions at this point.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find a pattern for the coconut ice yarn?
I picked one up today but can't find any yarn or equivalent.
It is for a matching skirt and jumper.

Button said...

OH, what I find you have! I looked for so long for a pattern, and finally gave up and moved on.

The coconut ice is still lounging around in my stash, untouched aside from the gauge swatch I did eons ago!

Anonymous said...

I also ended up with some Coconut Ice and no pattern (mine's pink!). I tried knitting it to a double knit pattern but it wasn't right. Then I looked on www.garnstudio.com - they have free patterns and you can search by the number of stitches per 10cm - as given on the yarn label. I found several patterns that way and plan to get busy with it tomorrow. Fingers crossed this will work out OK.