Monday, October 15, 2007

Christian's Furry Jacket

I made this jacket for my youngest grandson Christian, who lives in the US, but after seeing him on web cam recently, I'm just hoping it's big enough for him! I found the wool for a bargain at Spotlight a few months ago. It's Bella Baby Parade, and possibly the softest (in a slick way) fuzzy wool I have ever came across. The pattern is from the Spotlight yarn catalogue fall/winter 2006/2007, and it's a pretty easy pattern. The hardest thing in it are some short rows in the hood for shape around the collar area. Otherwise, it's ordinary stockingnet stitch with standard increases and decreases for shaping. Because of it's slickness, I didn't have as tragic a time with knitting it as I often do when working with fuzzy yarns. I reckon the worst problem I had, as I do with most fuzzy yarns when working in stockingnet, is keeping track of the RS/WS thing when actually making up the garment. I generally thread a string of different colour yarn thru the middle of the work and tie a big ole bow on the RS to make it more obvious. The buttonholes are fiddly on fuzzy yarn too, and often hard to find. At any rate, I completed knitting this a couple of months ago, but finally finished putting it together a couple of weeks back, and I'm reasonably pleased with the results.


Merrolee said...

I wonder if you still have the pattern? I picked the yarn up cheap too at Spotlight and have just recently found it. I'd love to knit it up into something but the tension isn't fitting with any of my patterns?

Merrolee said...

oops - I need to fill this out to get notification of any comments you might make :-)