Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Accomplishments and Aquisitions

It's only been about a week since my last blog, but I'm thinking it might be helpful if I don't allow myself to get too far behind in the blogging department. When I do get behind, I start dreading having to do a post, as the whole effort just seems a bit too overwhelming. The posts will be shorter, of course, but at least they won't become a daunting task I put off for days or weeks.

This past week I've spent most of my crafty time working on the English Rose shawl, made with Kauni yarn using the "Northern Lights" pattern. I finally cast off on this project last night. I say "finally", but really, considering the size, it didn't take that long at all. There was a KAL going on on Rav that my friend D. was telling me about, so I joined up and had a go. The shades are more subtle than some of the Kauni colourways, but I'm happy with it.

Before blocking:

On the blocking board:

Even though I'm really trying to save up a bit for a new drum carder, I've spent a little bit over budget for this fortnight on fibre. Really, it's not entirely my fault. Moseley Park (aka Jane) updated the store, and I fell in love with the Mango Fluff, which with it's merino and optim and pretty pale colours was right up my ally, so i had to buy everything she had left, which amounted to six 35g batts.

Upclose, you can really see the gorgeous colours:

I can't wait to see how it spins up!

Then on Sunday, Chris was keen to go to the markets down at Port Adelaide. Well, he was really keen to GO anywhere, as that dear hubby of mine does like to go go go. So he drove me into work Saturday night, spent the night with his mom and dad and then picked me up the next morning for a day of shopping.

I'd as soon be home playing with my knitting and fibre pursuits as gallavanting about Adelaide after a hard night at work, but I was off Sunday night, and I had been wanting to go out to the markets. Stranded in Oz (aka Melissa Deutsch Scott) sets up there on Sunday, and I was looking forward to seeing more of her fibre art, yarns, spindles and rovings. I had seen her stuff in Bendigo at the sheep and wool show there last winter, and had bought a spindle and some funky fibre yarn from here then, so he didn't have to twist my arm too hard once I found out that was our destination.

Chris picked me up from worked, we stopped and had a coffee, and then made it to the markets a few minutes before they opened at 9AM. The Port River runs right there beside the market, and as we were waiting and standing looking at the river, we saw dolphins at play. There were lots of them in the river that day, and a particularly cute mother and her baby dolphin swimming near us. Too bad I'd forgotten my camera, as it would have made a great shot.

Anyway, I made it to Melissa's stand, and she had, as expected, many beautiful things. I wound up bringing home a bit of roving for a friend, but I won't elaborate on that or show a pic yet, as it's a bit of a surprise for when I meet with her next week. I also got about 250g of this lovely soft white merino roving. It feels more like cashmere than merino. I'm almost afraid to dye it. I wouldn't want to dull the softness.

I've gone way over my fibre budget for the fortnight, and must remember to be good next fortnight, or I will never be able to save up enough for my drum carder.

Today, I've been spinning some of my merino dyed to match the apple tree in bloom in the spring. I've almost filled the green bobbin full, and will then be moving on to the pink. I've been working on it in fits and starts, and making it quite thin (by my standards). Hopefully by the next post, I'll have an actual skein to show off.

I've also picked up the Croc socks, and feeling they were a bit tight, I transferred them from the 2.75mm needles they were on to a set of 3mm needles to make them a bit looser in the legs.

I have yet to pick back up the Bustaroony cardi, but hope to get to that tonight. I've made an error on the inside of the pocket, and while that might not bother me under normal circumstances, I really want this project to be perfect, as I'm thinking of entering it in the show, so I will need to tear the pocket back out and redo it to get it right. It would be nice to have that ready by the time I go back to work tonight, but it's late in the day, so there's no guarantees I will.

Till next time.

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