Friday, April 4, 2008

Times up!

My house, well, it's looking a little better now! As you've seen the before picture of my living room, I thought it only fair to do an "after" shot. After a day of (on and off) hard labor, I've put away, dusted, carpet freshed, aired out, vacuumed and mopped. All that is left is this tiny spot around the computer, but it's where I am right now, and I'm saving that for last. I'm looking for him to walk through the door in about an hour.

I started on the legs of my two socks on one circ, the "magic fruit loop socks", in a spiral pattern from my Getting Started Knitting Socks book. It was a bit tricky to add a pattern NOT written for this method, but I just call one side of both socks A and one side B and wrote my own little pattern variation and waaalaaaa, I'm on my way. I dont know how tall/long I'm going to make them, I was thinking until I got low on yarn, which they say is a very good reason for doing toe up socks, and I can see that advantage. Trouble is, I'm barely halfway thru the two balls now, so I don't think that's going to be an issue. I suppose I'll just knit until I'm damn sick of this pattern :)

With all the cleanup, I've gotten absolutely nothing else done. I did lay in bed a bit last night and look thru pattern books for Aran jumpers/cardi's, not to mention searching for hours on ravelry. The trouble is, I reckon, there's just too many young, skinny, fashionable knitters out there, because all of the patterns seem to be made for them. Grrrrr.

A kind lady on ravelry has said she would mail me a pattern. I saw a cardi she made that I absolutely adore. It's got lovely cables and pretty textured stitchwork and it's shaped like a cardigan should be shaped. I messaged her about it. So sweet she is, she offered right away to send it to me, but hers is made with 12ply, and if I can't get a decent gauge, I'll have to keep looking. I doubt seriously I'd want to try and modify all those cables and gadgets, but I might if it has large uninterrupted panels or something. But if it doesn't work, I'm back to square one.

Despite my cleanup, I still have all of my peace fleece strown out all over the guest room (ie mom's) bed, so I can take a peek and cop a feel whenever I pass by. My excuse is, I'm leaving it out to show Chris. It is, after all, what I got from his mom for Christmas...or at least with the money she gave me, plus 30 bucks when it was all said and done. I do love it so though! Utterly fantastic stuff! I'm now trolling internet sites for other interesting wool to suggest to the coop. See how fickle I am?

Well, my week is over, and Chris just called. He's back at the school and waiting for his last kid to get picked up by their parents. My blogging is about to slow up considerably. I can just feel it...heee heee.

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Anonymous said...

Looks nice! I am hoping I might get a sweet pair of those socks soon. Hope Chris made it home ok.

I wanted to mention to you I found 2 BIG boxes of yarn yesterday, and don't ask me anything about it, at one of "my specialty shops" . 1 box was white baby yarn, said 170g. The other was sorta mauve colors. Could have gotten it all for $40. Wish I knew more about it, but at least I had you on my mind!

Love, MOM